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If You Have Received a Notice of Default  or Notice of Trustee SaleYou Must Act Fast  Due To Newly Enacted Government Guidelines

Foreclosure Prevention for Homeowners Who May Have:

  • Reduction in income or loss of hours
  • Cannot obtain a loan modification
  • Divorce or separation of borrowers
  • Are a victim of Predatory Lending
  • Are behind on monthly payments 
  • Have excessive debt
  • Unemployed, loss of job,​
  • Work related job transfers
  • ​Have a Permanent Disability
  • Have considered a Short Sale
  • Received a Notice of Default
  • Received a Notice of Trustee Sale
  • Have filed or completed a bankruptcy​
  • ​Owe more than the home's value or even have equity, both are good candidates

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     Warning Signs of a possible Loan Modification Scam or mortgage fraud could be any of the following but not limited to:

  • Companies that promise a new loan and ask you to send them money. If you are behind on payments, your bad credit disqualifies you for a loan.
    Your mortgage lender will automatically offer a loan modification even if you don't qualify. By the time they give notice of denial, foreclosure occurs.

  • ​Someone calling or even door knocking and asks you to sign papers for to give them the title.
  • Any company that charges monthly fees, even if it is a local law firm.
  • Companies that tell you not to contact your mortgage lender.
  • Someone who claims to have a buyer for the property just to get into your home. 
  • ​Someone who asks you to sign the deed to the house over to them, sign a power of attorney, or sign anything with a notary
  • You are told that you are likely a candidate for a loan modification even though you have low or no income. When you miss even 2 mortgage payments, credit is hit
  • Letters in the mail that appear they are from your lender or the government and promise a reduction in payments or loan balance

Act Now to Prevent and STOP Foreclosure. Government Deadlines Apply. You MAY Qualify Even if Past 20 Days of Notice. Call NOW. 
 Many homeowners are still facing foreclosure despite the economy starting to bounce back. Lenders are foreclosing even more than they have now that HARP is no longer available. Your lender may claim to want to give you relief, however most people that apply for a loan modification are denied. If you are facing a foreclosure or struggling each month to make your mortgage payments, you need to utilize the Mortgage Forgiveness Program. We have been able to obtain Loan Modifications for our clients FREE of charge. Also, homeowners who qualify for our relocation program usually always receive Cash Relocation Incentives.  As many homeowners are transferred to different mortgage companies, it is often confusing who the lender is.  Most of these same homeowners have a tough time filling out the paperwork correctly, and knowing what financials to send and where to send it. Homeowners also get confused on what the amount truly is to reinstate their loan. Do not be a victim of foreclosure. The lender requires payment of all arrearages plus interest and late fees.  Don't worry, you are not alone. If you are behind on your payments, and can't catch up, or if you just want to know if you qualify for these programs that has helped hundreds of thousands, call us now at  1-844-252-8480. An experienced case manager is standing by to help you take back control!  Through our highly successful Foreclosure Prevention Plan, we can assist you to stop foreclosure absolutely FREE of charge!  Get the help you need and deserve. Do not delay, time is of the essence. Through us, you can get help with your primary residence or rental property, and this program works with ALL Lenders. Time is not on your side, deadlines apply. Call us today for your free assistance to avoid foreclosure. 

And Many More. We work with ALL Lenders and Servicers.

Do Not Delay. Time is of the essence. The longer you wait to call us, the harder it is to get you relocation money due to new strict government guidelines.  HARP is no longer available. Call  today to see if you qualify for the Mortgage Forgiveness Program. 
Toll Free: 1-844-252-8480


We utilize programs available by your lender and the government to assist you in obtaining you loan modifications and relocation assistance.

We assist you in Foreclosure Prevention by helping homeowners obtain loan modifications, loan forgiveness and cash relocation assistance.

Beware of Phone Scams and Foreclosure Scams.        Call today for information from your State.

Individual results may vary. Most people in need of assistance qualify for the Mortgage Foregiveness Program. Consultations are also ALWAYS FREE, and the Mortgage Forgiveness Program is also FREE. If you are currently being represented by a Real Estate Agent, this is not an intention to solicit our services. Some of our staff are licensed Realtors®, Real Estate Brokers, Equator Certified, and Certified Distressed Property Experts®. We also offer FREE LAWFUL REPRESENTATION by one of our networked firms. Call us today for a FREE Consultation. We are here to help.